Azure Function App- Configuration and Setup

Anish Antony
12 min readJan 8, 2023

In this article, let us explore the configuration and setup of the Azure Function App.

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1. What is Azure Function App?

Using Azure Function App, it can run simple functions without provisioning infrastructure. Here the term ‘simple function’ means it can be an event trigger or HTTP trigger or crone expression. Here the user not provisioning an environment. Hence the billing is not based on uptime. It is based on the event execution time and the number of execution.

The Azure Function App can be applied to different use cases such as sending remainders and notifications, File and data stream processing, implementing lightweight web APIs, Computing backend calculations…etc.

2. Creating your Function App

Let's see how to configure the Function App in Azure.

2.1. Basic Configuration

When you create a Function App, it will redirect to a page like follows. As part of the Basic step, the user should configure the subscriptions, Instance details, Operating system, and plan details.



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