How To Setup An Azure VM

Anish Antony
11 min readJan 1, 2023

All of the cloud providers primarily provide support for the virtual machine. Here in this article let's checkout what are the different configuration options available on Azure virtual machine.

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1. Different VM Creation Options In Azure

In Azure, it can create four different types of VMs. those are

Azure Virtual Machine: It is the most used option. The user can create the virtual machine, which is hosted on Azure.

Azure Virtual Machine with Preset Configuration: It also creates a virtual machine on Azure. But here, the user wants to select what kind of environment it is. Based on the user selection, azure recommends some default configured VMs for the user, and the user can change it at any time.

Image 1: Different VM creation options in Azure

Azure Arc Virtual Machine: Using Azure Arc, it can connect to the on-prim environment or other public cloud or edge services. So that you can make your complete infrastructure under a single umbrella.

Using Azure Arc, it can connect existing VMware vCenter or Azure Stack HCI (It is a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) operating system delivered as an Azure service.) and System Center…



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