You don't know anything about Functional Programming or Are you just a beginner of java functional programming? Are you planning to be an expert in functional programming in Java? Then go over the below points and get an idea about the Functional Programming concept.

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You know java is a pure Object-Oriented Language…. Java support all the Object-Oriented features such as Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance. From Java 8 onwards, it starts the support for Functional Programming.

Now it's able to add functional programming as part of your java programming. In java 8 there is a set of new implementations introduced…

Over this article, we are discussing about ConcurrentModificationException. We are discussing the areas such as What is ConcurrentModificationException? When this exception throws? How to solve ConcurrentModificationException?..etc

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First, let's check out what is actually the ConcurrentModificationException.

What is ConcurrentModificationException?

Generally, the ConcurrentModificationException throws when an object tries to modify concurrently when it is not permissible. Generally, the collection implementations throw this exception.

When two threads are accessing a collection and one thread iterating over the collection and the other thread inserting an additional entry to the collection. In this situation, the ConcurrentModificationException thrown.

The ConcurrentModificationException throws only on the multi-threaded environment? Is it not…

Over this article lets explore the concept of Java Modules practically. Finally, let's create a small application by using java modules and its VM.

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Java modules is one of the great feature introduced as part of Java 9. It improves your code with more strong encapsulation, It is able to reduce the size of the VM, improves the execution time, and so on.

Let's get into depth about the coding of java modules.

Java Module Project Structure

First, let's see how a java module project looks like. The details about java modules are configured on a file called which is coming under the…

Over this article, we are discussing about 9 Key things that you should know about Java Modules. Once you finish these points you will get an understanding of why Java Modules, What is Java Modules, How it help your development?

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One of the great features that comes as part of Java 9 is Java Modules. Java Modules are Actually Packages of Packages, means it is able to encapsulate the packages. In Java 9 version you can see the installation folder structure is restructured. In java 9 there is a new folder that came which is called jmods. Inside of that…

Over this article lets discuss the term Java Synchronization. We will discuss what is synchronization? why using synchronization? How to make your code synchronized? Once you finish this article you will get crack the magic of synchronization.

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If you worked with a multi-threaded system, then I am very sure that you should know about Synchronization. Writing multi-threaded programming without understanding synchronization is something like writing java code without knowing about OOPs concept.

Here over this article let's find all about synchronization.

What is Synchronization?

Synchronization helps to control the accessing of multiple threads on shared resources. With the help of java synchronization, it…

Over this article lets discuss the basic to advanced concept behind the term polymorphism. We also discuss some tricky coding using method overriding and overloading. This will helps to crack interviews.

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Basic Concept

The Basic concept behind polymorphism is the same name but different functionalities. In java, it is able to create different functions with the same name these all functions come under polymorphism.

There are two types of polymorphisms.

Compiletime Polymorphism (Method Overloading) : Here method name is same but the signature are different. The method overloading resolves at compiletime, thats why it is called Compiletime Polymorphism.

Runtime Polymorphism (Method Overriding)…

Here over this article, we will discuss the basic to advanced concepts of exception in detail. This is a good quick reference article for interview preparation.

So let's get started….

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Java Exception: Basics

The exception can be mainly classified into two categories, those are checked exceptions and unchecked exceptions.

Checked and Unchecked Exceptions

The Checked Exceptions are checked at compile time which means the system throws a compilation error if you did not handle the checked exception.

The Unchecked Exceptions have checked at runtime, these exceptions won't throw any compilation error if you are not handled it.

Checked Exceptions: Exceptions are checked at compile time. It is…

The pom.xml which you are seeing or writing is only just a part of it. Behind the scene there are different forms of pom are there such as effective pom, super pom, simple pom…etc. Let's look at in-depth about these concepts over this article.

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In this article, we are discussing some behind the scene of pom.xml.

In maven, the pom can be classified into three categories, which are super pom, effective pom and simple pom.

Let's discuss each of those in detail.

Super POM

The name it says, all poms are inherited from super POM. When you write a pom.xml by default…

In my previous article, we saw what is d3 and what are the different modules of it. Here let's check out how to create a pie or doughnut chart using d3. I made this article very bit bigger for explaining each and everything in detail related to the doughnut chart.

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So here we are creating the pie/doughnut SVG chart by using D3. The library d3 we are using because for making the chart dynamic and easy to implement.

What is the difference between pie and doughnut charts?

The pie chart has a circular structure with different divisions.

In your maven project, If the dependencies are placed not properly. This may result to create problems such as unused dependencies, duplicate dependencies, version conflicts…etc. These result execution failure of the project. Maven provides a set of commands to resolve these kinds of issues. Let's find out more about these commands as part of this article.

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Here is the set of 8 important commands that resolves dependency related problems.

We are covering the commands such as dependency:tree, dependency: analyze, dependency:analyze-duplicate, dependency:build-classpath, dependency:resolve, dependency:sources, dependency:list-repositories, dependency:copy-dependencies


Using this command, it is very easy to find out dependency conflicts. The command will…

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